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The Count of
Monte Cristo
G. M. Calhoun
                                           THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO

Setting: 1830s Paris
Format:  Screenplay, Traditional Reading (Cole & Haas)

My second film script was written on speculation. After finishing it word came out the Jay Wolpert
screenplay (2002 movie starring Jim Caviezel) was in pre-production. Oh well. Such is life. Long
after finishing mine I did rent their video.

There are no regrets as I learned a lot in the whole process. How could anyone resist the epic
premise of the novel?

Now and then I tinker with it for the stage. Although a zillion stage versions are out there that’s
okay. This one’s just for the joy of it.

                                                                          Writing Sample Setup


This scene is not in the novel and is wholly original. I felt the audience needed a savory moment to
see Danglars, the Count’s mortal enemy, suffer tension. The Count’s sweeping plan of revenge
begins to bear fruit.

Danglars returns home unexpectedly to his wife Michelle. As established earlier his daughter
Eugenie has an annoying singing habit.
a sample of The Count of Monte Cristo